Your Age is Not an Excuse

To be totally transparent, this post is written by us to us; at times we find ourselves consciously or subconsciously using our age as an excuse. Sometimes we feel like we’re too young for anyone to take us seriously, and other times we feel like we’re too old and already washed up. We’re here to tell you (and remind ourselves) that basically it’s all made up and you can do whatever you want. 


Feel like you’re too old to start shooting fashion? Well knock it off! You have advantages no matter what your age. You could probably learn enough photography to plan your own fashion shoot in a few weeks. Stop thinking “I should have started a long time ago.” Regret is a bummer but it’s only hurting you now. Change your attitude to “I’m going to start right now, my best years are ahead of me.” Many of the most respected artists throughout history are old as heck!

We are 30 + 28 years old. We sometimes feel like we’re too old for the fashion world. Like we’re going to be made obsolete by the hoards of 17 year old instagram photographers who are making their claim to fame. 

And then we have to say to ourselves, “Shut up, selves.”

Because you know what? There are an unimaginable number of people in the world – there are some that will resonate with your work. You have a unique perspective that someone younger than you can never have. Embrace yourself for exactly who you are. Focus on making work that is fully “you”, and you will most definitely connect with other people who love what you’re making regardless of your age.


Also, it turns out, sometimes our brains tell us we’re too young. We don’t have enough experience. We are just kids. Nobody will take us seriously. All the big campaigns go to the old famous men. Brands won’t trust me.


Your age will never be a handicap unless you make it one.

What really matters, at any age, is how well you know your craft. Learn your stuff. Communicate well. Be responsible. Take yourself seriously. Make photos that demand respect. Show the world that you have serious ability and a great attitude, and your youthfulness will be considered an advantage.


Don’t let your age be an excuse for not doing what you want. No matter how many years you’ve been alive, you still have to work hard and really go for it if you want to do your dreams.

Let the younger-people do their younger-people things and the older-people do their older-people things, and you just be you, man. There’s plenty of clients/followers/money/life for everyone.