Guide: Testing and Working With Agency Models

Working with agency-signed models may have been the biggest turning point in our career

When we made the switch from photographing friends/pretty people we know to professional models, our work took a major jump to the next level. In photography, there is simply no substitute for a striking, captivating subject.

The idea of working with a professional model can be a daunting one. We know. We've been there. Coming from the wedding photography world, we felt way out of place emailing an agency to ask about their models. When the agent responded with the model's day-rate we were doubly discouraged.

Thankfully there's a much easier way to do it!

In this guide we’ll show you how to work with professional models without those expensive day-rates, and perhaps even get paid to do so. You will learn how to talk to agencies, how to set up your own test shoots, and how to transition into paid testing.

This made a huge difference for us and we're sure it will do the same for you!


Brent test shoot

What is testing?

Traditional definitions

Testing vs creative shoots vs book updates

How this was a major turning point for us

How it will greatly improve your work

Working with an agency:

Will I have to pay?

Who should I contact? Call or email?

Guide on writing your messages like a pro

Example emails that we use

Planning your test:

Should you have a concept or theme?

Styling: how we do it

Treating the agency as a client

How long should my test shoot last?

And More:

Getting paid to test with sample rate cards

Represented vs Independent models

How to make your brand-new model look like a pro


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