Summer Refresh: All 3 Guides for $50

2021 Summer Refresh: All 3 Guides for $50

This pack includes lifetime access to all 3 guides on the site for $50: Testing and Working With Agency Models, Our Guide to Getting Your Editorials Published, and Everything You Need To Know To Plan Your Own Shoot. In other words, everything we used in the last 5+ years to build our portfolio in the world of editorial fashion photography.

The 3 guides included in this pack contain the distilled knowledge, info, tips, and tricks from years of trial and error, thousands of dollars of education (and film costs 😳), and tons of first-hand experience doing editorial, testing, and commercial shoots in LA, NYC, PDX, and more.

Our goal is to make this info easily available to as many people as possible. We know how frustrating it can be to get started in the world of editorial photography and we hope that this info can save you lots and lots of time and money.

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What You'll Get Access To

Guide #1: Testing and Working with Agency Models

Working with agency-signed models may have been the biggest turning point in our career

When we made the switch from photographing friends/pretty people we know to professional models, our work took a major jump to the next level. In photography, there is simply no substitute for a striking, captivating subject.

The idea of working with a professional model can be a daunting one. We know. We've been there. Coming from the wedding photography world, we felt way out of place emailing an agency to ask about their models. When the agent responded with the model's day-rate we were doubly discouraged.

Thankfully there's a much easier way to do it!

In this guide we’ll show you how to work with professional models without those expensive day-rates, and perhaps even get paid to do so. You will learn how to talk to agencies, how to set up your own test shoots, and how to transition into paid testing.

This made a huge difference for us and we're sure it will do the same for you!


Brent test shoot

What is testing?

Traditional definitions

Testing vs creative shoots vs book updates

How this was a major turning point for us

How it will greatly improve your work

Working with an agency:

Will I have to pay?

Who should I contact? Call or email?

Guide on writing your messages like a pro

Example emails that we use

Planning your test:

Should you have a concept or theme?

Styling: how we do it

Treating the agency as a client

How long should my test shoot last?

And More:

Getting paid to test with sample rate cards

Represented vs Independent models

How to make your brand-new model look like a pro

Guide #2: How To Plan Your Own Fashion Shoot

Here's everything we know about self-producing a shoot!

In this guide you will learn all of our tips and tricks and the practical steps you'll need to take to produce your own fashion shoot: for portfolio, magazine submission, or commission.

We’ll walk you through concepting, casting, styling, building a team, location scouting, and keeping everything organized. The further you get in your career, the more you will want to control these elements to fit your vision. We have found that, in general, the less we leave to chance, the better the shoot turns out.

As an example, we'll go step by step through the planning of our editorial 'THIS IS A DREAM' for WONDERLAND. By the end of this guide you will have all of the information you need to set up your own professional-level shoot, and feel confident doing so.



Creating a concept

What if I have no ideas?

Guide on creating a mood board

Mood board download and examples


How we find models

Scouting models online

Sample messages

DIY Styling Guide:

Finding clothes that match your concept

Sourcing a wardrobe on the cheap

Approaching clothing brands

Thinking like a stylist

Messaging stylists + sample email

Location Scouting:

Why it's important

How we find our spots

Saving locations for later

Considering lighting and weather

What we look for in a location


Creating a call sheet

The culling process

Delivering photos

Wrap up with your team

and much, much more...

Guide #3: How to Get Your Editorials Published

We will teach you everything you need to know to get your editorials featured in magazines

In this guide you will learn all the info you need to get your work published in online magazines. We will talk about reasons your work is getting ignored, who to email, how to get brands on board for your shoots, and much more. We'll will walk you through how we got our editorial 'YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND' featured over at Sicky mag.

By the end of this guide you will know exactly how to go about submitting your editorials to magazines, as well as a bunch of things you can do to make your fashion shoots more attractive and publishable.

We know from experience that this can be a frustrating process! That’s why we made this for you 😘


The What and Why:

What's the point of editorials?

What are they?

How many looks to include

Turning your shoots into stories

Pulling a Wardrobe:

Guide on getting a pull letter

Getting clothes from designers directly

Working with PR agencies

Sample emails for each

Submitting to Magazines:

How the process works

Building a submission list

What to include in your submissions

Example emails for you to use

And More:

Finding email addresses

Money and editorials

Why your editorials aren't being featured

A whole bunch of extra tips


"Was great! Helped so much, so worth it. Definitely cannot find this information anywhere else online. Was easy to understand and I appreciate you adding screenshots of real emails you've written and brands/magazines on your radar. Thank you for all of this!!"
- Ava B.


It's a lot of info, and we hope it saves you lots of time and money and frustration!

All 3 guides will be viewable online, saved to your account, forever and ever.

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