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When we were getting started, we really wished we could just have a chat with a photographer who was a few steps further in their career. Someone who would simply answer all of the questions we had about making our way in this industry. We felt like our difficult problems probably had easy answers - it turns out they do.

We want to be that photographer for you.

We would love to help you wherever you’re at in your photography. In your mentoring call with us, we welcome any and every question you may have about your fashion career. Whether you're just getting started and want to know about setting up shoots, or if you've been shooting for a few years and want to start making some money, or if you just need some help figuring out how to improve your work - we'll be there for you. We're an open book - well two open books.

some things we can help you with:

setting up your first shoot

improving your portfolio website

working with models and agencies

moving from weddings to editorial

planning your own editorials + getting them featured

shooting/scanning film

building a client base

any other questions you may have!

Our hope is that your hour with us will save you hundreds of hours in the future, and help you stop spinning your wheels and start focusing on what will advance your career. Shortly after you sign up we'll send you an email to figure out a good date and time that works for all of us (we usually have availability within a few days).

book a one-hour Skype/FaceTime chat with us