Guide: Everything You Need To Know To Plan Your Own Shoot

Here's everything we know about self-producing a shoot!

In this guide you will learn all of our tips and tricks and the practical steps you'll need to take to produce your own fashion shoot: for portfolio, magazine submission, or commission.

We’ll walk you through concepting, casting, styling, building a team, location scouting, and keeping everything organized. The further you get in your career, the more you will want to control these elements to fit your vision. We have found that, in general, the less we leave to chance, the better the shoot turns out.

As an example, we'll go step by step through the planning of our editorial 'THIS IS A DREAM' for WONDERLAND. By the end of this guide you will have all of the information you need to set up your own professional-level shoot, and feel confident doing so.



Creating a concept

What if I have no ideas?

Guide on creating a mood board

Mood board download and examples


How we find models

Scouting models online

Sample messages

DIY Styling Guide:

Finding clothes that match your concept

Sourcing a wardrobe on the cheap

Approaching clothing brands

Thinking like a stylist

Messaging stylists + sample email

Location Scouting:

Why it's important

How we find our spots

Saving locations for later

Considering lighting and weather

What we look for in a location


Creating a call sheet

The culling process

Delivering photos

Wrap up with your team

and much, much more...


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